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Pilonidal Cysts Are the Unknown Danger You Need to Get to Know

Following the pandemic, health is at the forefront of both conversation and of focus more than ever before and as new diseases and health threats pop up, people are learning more and more so that they can be better prepared.

But aside from the new threats, it is important for people to understand health threats that have been lurking in the shadows for many years, such as the threat of pilonidal cysts.

As defined by Pilonidal, the pilonidal cysts “occur in the “gluteal crease” (butt crease) and develop because of the shape of that crease. In some individuals the crease is very deep, and remains folded all the time. The skin in the crease develops enlarged pores in the midline (we call them “pits”). Loose hairs that fall off the body can become caught in those pores and burrow their way under the skin. These hairs can form a pocket that we call a pilonidal cyst.”

And there are a number of symptoms – from a tender lump to bleeding/drainage from the gluteal crease. This can also show up in the form of open wounds, painful infections, and sinus tracts that burrow from the midline pit to a spot off to the side.

As far as treatment goes, there are a number of different options for dealing with pilonidal cysts – some very successful and others with an extremely high rate of failure broken into two categories – surgical and non-surgical.

One of the surgical options is called the Cleft Lift, which boasts the highest success rates. And while one may immediately assume that removal of the cyst would be the best option, it actually carries a failure rate of over 50%.

But, there are also other non-surgical remedies that can be explored before opting to deal with surgery, ones that should be consulted with a doctor.

It is important to consult a doctor if any symptoms arrive, and as you make your decision regarding treatment.


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