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Avanlee Care Announces Partnership with Walmart

Avanlee Care had officially teamed up with Walmart via a new partnership that will Avanlee Care rollout it’s digital tool to the 65 million Americans caring for aging family members, with 10 Walmart locations across Arizona, Florida, New York, and Texas.

“Our team and some executives will be there to talk about the Avanlee app with caregivers coming into Walmart shopping for their aging parents,” Avanlee founder and CEO Avanlee Christine said, according to Fierce Healthcare. “It’s exciting to have somebody like Walmart taking a vested interest in the fact that so many of their shoppers are caregivers and figuring out how can they just simply make their lives easier.”

The Avanlee Care app, which has a free version, allows for two family members to access the information, four managed medications, four managed events and two Walmart shopping lists, and for $10 per month up to 10 caregivers can join with unlimited medications, events and lists, with a $13 a month option for 30 caregivers.

“No one really gets it until they’re in it,” Christine said. “When you’re in caregiving, you’re like, ‘I can do this. I’ll help mom.’ And then you look at the end of the week, and then the next week, and then the month, and you add up all that time, and it’s a part-time job.”

Walmart shopping lists can be personally made or pulled from a list of Avanlee-crafted lists that include tailoring for gluten-free groceries, dairy-free groceries, low-sodium groceries, diabetic-friendly groceries, post-surgery support and adaptive equipment.

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